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Children's Books
by Jeffrey Canton

Congratulations to this year's GG winners Martha Brooks for her novel, True Confessions of a Heartless Girl, and Wallace Edwards for his illustrations to his imaginative alphabet book, Alphabeasts. Congratulations are also extended to author Linda Granfield whose book, Where Poppies Grow, a companion volume to her previous Information Book Award winner In Flanders Field: The Story of the Poem, has just won the 2002 Information Book Award given to an outstanding work of non-fiction by the Children Literature Roundtables of Canada. It's been simply a sensational season with outstanding picture books, fiction and non-fiction, published here in Canada and abroad. We'll be doing a round-up of some of the most innovative non-fiction books early in 2003 and looking at just what excellence is in Canadian children's literature as seen through the eyes of one of Canada's foremost book reviewers. We'll also let you know what our reviewers here at BiC thought were the best books of the year. And we'd love to know what your top pick for 2002 was.

Season's reading!
Jeffrey Canton
Editor, Children's Book Section, Books in Canada


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