Young Adult/Parenting:
Analyse Yourself

by Karyn Gordon
237 pages,
ISBN: 1894860004

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Brief Reviews
by Sarah Rosenfeld

Analyse Yourself by teen expert Karyn Gordon is more of a self-help book for teens, male or female, though the issues discussed in the book like dieting and overeating seem geared to young adolescent women in particular. Gordon asks a younger demographic to take a hard educational look in order to better their attitudes toward their friends, parents and themselves.

Gordon simplifies the complex self-esteem problems of teenage boys and girls by using appealing terms, phrases and explanations to help the "Blind" ("I'm think I'm worthless when I'm really not") or the "Disguised" ("I'm think I'm worthless but pretend I'm great") to becoming "Lifers" (happy and self-confident for life). In other examples, I'm not sure Gordon's attractive wording is as clear. Is a teen going to know how to "crank the tunes" or "chuck blinders"?

Her style of writing and presentation of material appeals like a glossy magazine questionnaire, a clever way to keep interest peaked from start to finish. Here's a sample: "Do you put yourself and/or others down? Feel superior and/or act superior to others? Internalize and/or externalize negative comments? If so, you may be a Flipper, flipping between low and false self-esteem." But Gordon doesn't merely label. She outlines steps and offers an exercise book-type chapter to fill in the blanks to help take action towards change.

Gordon excels in helping people and this is an obvious strength and skill. She answers such an important question for teens How can I help myself? and answers it with expert advice. Using the old baseball metaphor we know so well, Gordon helps teens to round the bases and take steps to reach the goal of home plate and the rewards of a healthy self-image and outlook.

One page stood out above the wordy series of chapters though. In the afterthought entitled "Spill Your Guts to Karyn," Gordon asks readers to share their thoughts on the book and the steps and goals they set out to achieve. She also invites readers to express their stories through poetry and art for publication in an upcoming show or on her website. And you can email Karyn too probably the most comfortable way for teens to get in touch and voice their questions and comments.

Karyn Gordon has taken note of the importance of sending out her message and relating to her audiences through the internet and television. Karyn Gordon's website www.karyngordon.com"soap for the soul, with dirt"is the place to go whether you're a teen or a parent, with a section for each. Here you'll also discover twenty-something Gordon's impressive curriculum vitae. Gordon has spoken to over 150,000 high school students across North America. She also started Yacka Productions Inc. (Youth Actively Choosing Kreative Alternatives) in 1998 and created, produced and hosted the international music talk show "Spill Your Guts", inviting well-known musicians to let loose about their own problems and solutions teenagers can relate to.


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