Author: Camilla Gibb

Dec 2002
The Petty Details of So-and-So's Life
by Camilla Gibb

318 pages $32.95 cloth
ISBN: 0385658028

Accruing Life Bit by Bit
by Steven W. Beattie
In the years since Tolstoy penned his masterpiece, Anna Karenina, his famous aphorism about unhappy families has served as a springboard for novelists of all backgrounds and nationalities to examine the seemingly endless ways fathers and sons, mothers and daughters can hurt, harry, and abuse one another. Read more...
Aug 2005
Sweetness in the Belly
by Camilla Gibb

430 pages $32.95 cloth
ISBN: 0385660170

Nowhere Woman
by Linda Morra
Camilla Gibb's third novel, Sweetness in the Belly, is a haunting novel. Preceded by two other novels, Mouthing the Words (1999) and The Petty Details of So-and-So's Life (2002), Sweetness in the Belly alternates between London, England, and Harar, Ethiopia. Shifting from one locale to another, it traces the life of a white Muslim nurse, Lily, and the sense of dislocation she experiences when she is initially left in Ethiopia-and when she must subsequently leave Ethiopia. Read more...

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