Author: Peter van Toorn

Oct 2004
Mountain Tea: & Other Poems
by Peter Van Toorn

V+¬hicule Press $14 Paperback
ISBN: 1550651692

A Review of: Mountain Tea
by Zach Wells
For readers and writers of my generation, mention of the name Peter Van Toorn was apt, until recently, to elicit a shrug. He was in the audience of a poetry reading I attended in Montreal three years ago and I hadn't the faintest notion that I was in the presence of an original genius. None of his work was in print and his poems were not to be found in any of the standard anthologies. But with Signal Editions' re-issue of Van Toorn's magnum opus, Mountain Tea, all that should change. Originally published by McClelland and Stewart in 1984, Mountain Tea ... Read more...

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